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Thread: SR1433 new owner, needs carb help, starter help

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    SR1433 new owner, needs carb help, starter help

    I just bought a SR1433. The guy that sold it to me put a little gas in, started it, drove it and cut a patch of grass. I bought the mower, brought it home and filled the tank and the problems started.

    The gas just started leaking everywhere. The fuel lines are cracked and leaking and the air filter became soak and the black plastic below the filter filled up with a puddle full of gas.

    Also, I tried starting it but the battery was to run down and wouldn't crank. I tried pulling the recoil but now the engine seems locked. I called the guy and he said the battery was to low on power to bring back down the drive gear on the start. Does this make sense?

    So, I pulled the carb off, no gasket between the carb and motor, does it need one? I soaked it overnight in Gunk carb dip and it at least looks cleaner.

    I'm off to a snapper dealer for some new fuel line and maybe a carb kit and air cleaner.

    Any other advise is helping me get this mower running would be great.

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    Re: SR1433 new owner, needs carb help, starter help

    36352 1 * Carburetor To Intake Pipe Gasket
    36942 1 * Intake Pipe Gasket
    36358 1 * Air Cleaner Gasket

    Try and start it with a good battery
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    Re: SR1433 new owner, needs carb help, starter help

    the carb prob needs redone look at the float if it has a hole in it it will fill the intake with gas i had a similar prob with mine it could just be junk in the carb pull the spark plug out and turn the motor over it will remove the the gas from the cyl

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    Re: SR1433 new owner, needs carb help, starter help

    I rebuilt the carb, changed the air filter, new fuel lines, fuel filter and inline fuel shut off, charged the battery, greased what fittings I could find, put 00 grease in the rear end and changed the oil and filter.

    The cylinder was full of gas which is why it wouldn't turn over, the oil had so much gas it poured out like water, the air filter was shot.

    I got it started and went out to cut the lawn and so far so good. I wish it had a higher cut height. Has anyone taken a link out of the adjusting chains? Also, any place good for prices on tires and muffler?

    Thanks for your advice. Sorry i didn't take pictures, normally I do. Today was just a bear in the heat, I just wanted to get this thing done.

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