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Thread: Craftsman YTS4000 won't start

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    Craftsman YTS4000 won't start

    I have a craftsman yts4000 with a Briggs and Stratton 724 cc 24 horse motor. The exact model of the lawn mower is 917.289250.

    Well, I believe I am not getting a spark. The lawn mower turns over but is not picking up from there. I pulled the wires off to see if I could see a spark and no spark was seen. I just changed the plugs and replaced the gas and changed the air and fuel filter. I plan to do oil change soon but don't think this is the issue.

    Can I please get your assistance? Thanks!

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    Re: Craftsman YTS4000 won't start

    To effectively check for spark you need to use a spark checker. Simply pulling the wire off the plug won't work because you need to have a small gap like the spark plug gap (.030 in most cases) for the spark to jump the gap and complete the circuit. I don't know if you already know this but from what you wrote it sounds like you just pulled the wires off and let them hang where ever they landed.

    I'd start by purchasing an inexpensive spark checker or make one of your own from a used, working spark plug by clipping off the side electrode at the base of the plug where it attaches to the body of the plug. To use a homemade spark checker you simply plug it into the wire and make sure the body of the test spark plug is grounded to the metal of the engine and then crank the engine while watching the test plug for the spark to jump the gap.

    Most of the time ignition coils don't just go bad sitting over the winter while stored but gasoline left in the mower certainly will. Even if you drained the old gasoline from the tank and carburetor, the old fuel could have congealed in the main jet of the carburetor and plugged it up to the point where it won't let any fuel flow through it.

    Here is another way to check for spark: hook up the spark plug wires back up and spray a shot of carburetor cleaner in the carburetor (remove filter first) and try starting the engine. If the engine attempts to run or runs for a second or two and then dies, you have a fuel problem and not a spark problem. Do this test first and then check for spark if no results. There are more tests to perform but we'll go one at a time so do your checks and report back with your findings.

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    Re: Craftsman YTS4000 won't start

    I realized right after I posted that I needed to pull the spark plug out to effectively check the spark. I did go buy a spark plug tester since I had long since tossed the old spark plugs and had to buy carb cleaner anyway. They are handy to have after all. :) but spark is fine and used the carb cleaner and it wouldn't start. Bought a fuel solenoid and came home had lunch and tried again. Started right up. Seems it was a gummy carb. I bought it a 2009 model for 500 bucks and it had rough starts last season. Seems the carb cleaner was the fix I needed. Completely forgot about that solution. Oh, since I hadn't used the solenoid, returned it. Thank goodness for a cheap and easy fix.


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