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Thread: Scotts riding mower battery keeps dying

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    Scotts riding mower battery keeps dying

    I just got a scotts riding mower from a friend. I got it home started it after charging it for a while but dies out after a little while. The battery keeps dying. This is why he gave it to me he didnt want to deal with it but i figured i would give it a shot... I dont know where i should start or how to check if somethings bad that keeps the mower charged while driving. Any help i would apprieciate it, my lawn sucks to mow with a push mower...

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    Re: Scotts riding mower battery keeps dying

    If you have a voltage tester, we'll try two things. First charge the battery fully take a voltage reading and then let it sit for a day. After a day take a voltage reading again. If the second reading is more than .5V less than the day before the battery is probably bad. At this time see if the engine will start. If it won't start replace the battery. If it starts measure voltage while the engine is running. It should be over 13.2V. If you have to replace the battery, do this then to make sure the charging system is working properly.

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    Take the battery to the Auto-parts store and do a load test on it . If its bad get another one for $18.00 (NJ prices)
    Even if yours is fully charge and it's bad - it won't take charge while the motor is cutting at full throttle - hence dead battery from powering the engine .
    I got a Scott's S2046 for free last week. Same issue battery was crap and the battery bolts were loose , so he cut the lawn with a jump packed hooked up to it . He walked into the store and bought a $2300.00 walk behind instead of a new battery - he gave me the tractor when I delivered the walk behind.

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    Re: Scotts riding mower battery keeps dying

    cool thanks for the tips i will just buy a new battery tomorrow and then check the readings when its running and see how it goes...

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