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Thread: Kohler engine locked up

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    Kohler engine locked up

    Hello all, I have a Toro timecutter z4200 with a Kohler 16hp engine. To my despair, the day I bought it (used) it was raining and actually filled with water. I drained it all out and in my ignorance didn't put enough oil back in it. when I ran it it quit and locked up. I have been working at getting it locked all day using this method: Is My Lawn Mower Engine Locked Up? - Yahoo! Answers
    I found out how much oil it really needed and filled it up; it is a little better but it still wont start. Any suggestions? Comments? is the engine ruined? Do I need a new one? anything would help.

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    Re: Kohler engine locked up

    How did the engine fill with water just being in the rain? What filled with water? When you ran it without oil? It sounds to me that you might of seized the crankshaft bearings up?

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    Re: Kohler engine locked up

    I really don't now how it filled with water but it was and it all drained out the oil draining bolt. Do you know how I could fix it if it is the the crankshaft bearings?

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    Fill the cylinder holes with marvel mystery oil and fill up the engine block . Rotate the motor with a socket ratchet on the main pulley.
    Rotate I mean just gentle move the wrench clockwise and counter clockwise until the motor can turn freely. Drain the oil and add the 1.5 quarts it needs . Prefill the oil filter if possible .
    Try and start the motor NO SPARK PLUGS in YET - just listening for metal damage sounds .
    If it seems normal put the plugs back in. Hook up the spark plug wires and try to start it.
    If you need a new motor , better to spend 500.00 than another 2,000.00 for a new machine .

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