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Thread: Troy Bilt Briggs 650Series Engine Won't Start

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    Troy Bilt Briggs 650Series Engine Won't Start


    My engine will not start. I purchased this lawn mower back in 2009. Recently it has stalled on me several times, however I was cutting very tall grass so I assumed that was the reason. However, over the course of the past several weeks it has become harder and harder to start. I hit the blade on a small tree stump a few weeks ago, however, the lawn mower has continued to run. Finally, it came to the point that it wouldn't start anymore and it would make a loud popping sound from the exhaust. Previous to this, I changed the oil, spark plug (used E3), air filter, and it has fresh gas.

    I did some research and assumed it was the fly wheel key. I took the mower apart and replaced the fly wheel key. I put it back together and it still won't start. I then took apart the carburetor as a last resort and it was shiny clean like a baby bottom, and had gas in the bottom of it. Not sure where to go from here, I am very handy and like to do my own repairs and hate to waste money paying others to do what I may be able to do myself.

    Note, I am not sure if the torque on the fly wheel nut will impact the mower from starting? Also, can you install the key more than one way? Could I have entered the key incorrectly?

    Note, where the spark plug goes into the engine it appears very black, I sprayed some carb cleaner and put some gas in there and still no luck. The engine tries to start, but isn't successful in reaching full RPM and staying on.

    Note, the mower in this video is my exact mower: How to replace a sheared flywheel key on a Briggs & Stratton walk behind lawn mower - YouTube

    Again, I appreciate everyone's help!

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    Re: Troy Bilt Briggs 650Series Engine Won't Start

    i would make certain that you did not bend the crankshaft when you hit the stump/root. you may have broke the sheer pin off of the blade adapter.

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    Re: Troy Bilt Briggs 650Series Engine Won't Start

    My question is, is it worth taking it to a shop? I can buy a new Lawn Boy self propelled with a Kohler engine for $250 out the door at home depot. I am worried I will pay for 2 hours of labor for $140 to fix, and have more problems later on. Please let me know your thoughts if it is worth fixing this thing. Thanks

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