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Thread: Kohler engine problems

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    Kohler engine problems

    to start off with, my engine is a Kohler courage 19 hp (model sv590). one day I mowed my grass and it ran fine. the next day when I went to move the mower, I started it and it sounded like it was under a heavy load (It was just sitting there). out of fear of damage, I shut it off to check the oil which was full. I tried to start it back up and it just turned once and stopped like it was stuck. i tried to turn it by hand and it was stuck but finally moved but it keeps stopping at this one point. after trying several things here is what i figured out:

    I set the engine to right before the "stuck" position and removed the spark plug. i proceeded to turn the engine as I covered the hole with my finger and it sucked my finger in.
    i replaced the spark plug and covered the intake and turned the engine- nothing
    I removed the valve cover and turned the engine- both valves appear to function properly.

    the engine is not pulling in any air through the intake which is creating a vacuum in the engine causing it to resist turning.

    I am not sure where to go from here. please help

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    Trouble is in the gear that moves the valves . Very common issue . Happens on motors with 10 hours or 300 hours
    Look for parts first before taking the motor off the tractor . No trouble getting parts but in this economy shops use the 3 day order routine .

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    Re: Kohler engine problems

    BWS92...when you covered the plug hole,you said it sucked you in,did it blow you off the hole?Was your plug wet,or dark?Sounds like fuel leaking thru carb and filling cylinder to the point the engine can't compress it.jc

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    Re: Kohler engine problems

    You were right SONOFADOCKER, the teeth were worn off of one of the gears. I have ordered the parts and they are on the way. I have another question though. I was wondering how to set the timing. On each of the gears, there are two timing marks. One says in and the other says ext. on the crankshaft, there are also two timing marks which are unlabeled. If anyone knows how to set the timing let me know. Thanks

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    Re: Kohler engine problems

    I have the same problem that you did. What was the part you replaced and is the repair still working? How difficult was the repair? Thanks

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    Re: Kohler engine problems

    Quote Originally Posted by lpmart107 View Post
    I have the same problem that you did. What was the part you replaced and is the repair still working? How difficult was the repair? Thanks
    Hi, the part I replaced was the exhaust cam gear. You may need one or both gears, and a crankcase gasket. Inside the engine is the crank shaft in the center and two plastic gears on each side of it that control the opening of the intake and exhaust valves. You will want to open up the crankcase to determine which one or if both of the gears are worn. It will be very obvious. Once you remove the worn gear(s) drain the oil (if you havent done so already)and clean out any little pieces of plastic you see. As for difficulty, I have experience working on small engines (mostly 2-cycle), but this was my first time doing anything like this and I found it to be moderately difficult. I went to kohlers website and downloaded and printed a free service manual. This was VERY helpful and I would highly recommend it. It details how to disassemble and reassemble the engine. The engine is still running strong to this day and I mow about 15 lawns with it every week.

    Good luck!

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