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Thread: Only runs at full throttle

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    Only runs at full throttle

    I have an older Echo SRM-210 Weed Whacker that's started giving me trouble. The issues were manageable but I decided to pull it apart and clean everything... now it's worse. Essentially, it will only start if I am giving it full throttle. Then, the RPM's will get very low and I'll have no power unless I close and open the choke several times in quick succession.

    If I let go of the throttle even the tiniest bit, it dies instantly.


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    Re: Only runs at full throttle

    WELCOME to LMF...

    You say it is an older one... is it old enough to have the high & low adjusting screws on the carb?? KennyV

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    Re: Only runs at full throttle

    I don't have it in front of me right now, but I don't believe so. I think I bought it in '02 or so

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    Maybe the rings are shot. I've seen this on a few blowers and after consulting with a few others that was the conclusion. These units had seen alot of use.

    And when did they stop putting the hi-low adjustments on them?
    All the string trimmers we have in service have them and they're not that old. Have three saws less than two years old that have them.

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