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Thread: Cutting deck fails to engage

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    Cutting deck fails to engage

    I have a Troy Bilt super Bronco.
    The mowing deck is failing to engage to cutting mode. I have checked the belts, and they look fine.
    What are some possibilities for remedy? Thank you.

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    Re: Cutting deck fails to engage

    I don't know the mower but does it have a electric clutch. If so I would check the fuses.

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    Re: Cutting deck fails to engage

    If it has an electric clutch... You should hear it click (Loud)... With the engine off...
    If you don't hear it... check fuses as mentioned, also check PTO switch, clutch and the key switch itself.... somewhere you are loosing 12 volts... KennyV

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    Forgot to mention checking the seat and brake safety . If one has failed blades will not engage - machine thinks your getting off with cutting blades in motion

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