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Thread: Toro Hydraulic problem

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    Toro Hydraulic problem

    Model Number 74247
    Serial # 240000001 - 240999999
    Model Year 2004
    Product Name Z557 Z Master, With 72in TURBO FORCE Side Discharge Mower
    Product Brand Toro
    Product Type Riding Products
    Product Series Zero Radius Turn, 500 Series

    While one of the guys was using it, the left side control lever and wheel stopped responding to each other and the mower was towed back to our storage. When I got a chance to look at it and get a update on what happened they had already checked the fluid levels.
    Long story short the left side control lever has what feel like tension/pressure on it and it automatically pulls forward. While the wheel it self does not respond. My next job is to hopefully zero down the problem to either the wheel motor or pump and see if they need to be replaced or just cleaned /fixed

    I have already tried bleeding the system, and seeing if the wheel is locked up by spinning it by hand. The only observation between the left wheel and the right wheel is the left wheel has what can only be described as a hitch when you spin it by hand and the right is smooth.

    My question finally is does anyone have any suggestions or tips for me to troubleshoot or should I just disconnect the left pump down to wheel and clean any filters reconnect and see if that works

    As a side note I was going to detach the hydro lines going to the wheel motor to see if, any fluid was being pushed out at any pressure and to eliminate the pump as the problem.

    thanks to anyone who can give me some advice, and sorry for my first post being a question instead of adding

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    Re: Toro Hydraulic problem

    WELCOME to LMF...

    Good to have you here and it's good that you are willing to repair your own equipment...
    You mentioned that this tractor was towed ... prior to towing was the valve assembly between the pump and the wheel motor placed in the tow position??

    Wheel motors rarely go out... but when you tow a hydro tractor the wheel motors will act as pumps And if the oil has no place to go you can easily damage the wheel motor... KennyV

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    Re: Toro Hydraulic problem

    Thanks for your reply Kenny

    We have been repairing our equipment in-house now for a few years luckily since I致e been put on repair/maintenance duty. It痴 only been the basic annual prep.(oil filters) and Replacing shaft, clutches etc

    I know they probably didn稚 release the pump valves to have the wheels free spin. But the wheel went out and that was the reason for the towing. Do you think if I remove the lines going to the wheel motor that well be a quick way to test if the pump is still working.

    Another side note: we had a Cushman riding tractor that from 1984 ( 4 years younger then me) that we kept running and originally is the reason why I was asked to do maintenance ( only person to help and watch the former repair guy ) and it finally died 2 years ago due to us towing it and ruining the drive motor

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    Re: Toro Hydraulic problem

    Yes ... you will have to isolate the pump & wheel motors to test...

    Is the other side still working after the tow??
    You can use The known 'Good' components to test the suspect pieces.... BUT be aware that any bits & pieces that may be loose in a bad part Will damage a good part IF you connect the return line... So if you test this way, do one direction at a time and let the return flow into a catch bucket... Not the system...

    The unfortunate part of this is you May have additional damage due to the tow...

    The separate pump wheel motor systems are generally very robust and rarely fail...
    How many hours are on this tractor?...
    Was the type of oil changed recently?
    Aside from tow damage I would not think the wheel motor is your problem... I would look in the pump... especially the 'charge pump' ....
    With multiple operators it is sometimes difficult to zero in on the failure using information from the various operators... You will have to open things up and look...
    Check the manufacture's web site for trouble shooting steps & techniques... (the Actual Pump & Wheel Motor manufacturer, Not the mower builder).

    I have an early 70's Cub Cadet 1450 Hydro with thousands of hard hours... still works great... (but has NEVER been towed).... KennyV

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    Re: Toro Hydraulic problem

    thanks for your help sofar i will probably start on it this week.

    to answer your question, yes the right side is still fully functional. I'll see if i can get a full model# and pump breakdown from toro.

    i'll keep you updated on what i find out

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    Re: Toro Hydraulic problem

    Quote Originally Posted by ash3001 View Post
    ... I'll see if i can get a full model# and pump breakdown from toro.

    i'll keep you updated on what i find out
    Thanks & do post back with what you find...
    I am sure if you look at the Pump manufacturers site you will find a Lot of very useful information regarding troubleshooting & testing... KennyV

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    Re: Toro Hydraulic problem

    the problem was discovered, after we were able to drop it off to someone who had time to dissemble the pump.

    The linkage from the control arm that connects to the pump, is just a rocker type setup. so internally when you push one way it swings and opens up flow to one direction forcing the wheel to spin.and so on. what had happen is that the piece that actually connects to the slides to open one way or the other had snapped inside the pump. so when working the control rod all you were doing was moving the rocker but not connecting.

    thanks Kenny for your help and sorry it's taken so long for me to get back on and fill in on the situation

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