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Thread: Blade won't turn, cord won't pull:(

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    Blade won't turn, cord won't pull:(

    So there I am walking along at normal rate and I hear a metal clicking coming from inside the engine assembly of my less than a year old Craftsman 7.0hp push mower. I turn it off. I had hit nothing but normal grass. Upon inspection the blade won't budge. Neither will the cord pull even an half an inch. Turn it sideways and can't move the blade AT ALL by hand in either direction. Took a hammer to the blade to turn it backwards. Yeah, it would move a quarter inch every blow. Did that 3 times then came to my senses. Removed the sparkplug. No sign of oil there. There's nothing in the blade housing impeding its turning. Aaarggh. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Re: Blade won't turn, cord won't pull:(

    contact sears sounds like the engine has passed away, is there oil in it? you have to go thru sears as the engine mfg dosen't cover warranties for thier brand unless that has changed in the last 10 years since I stopped doing any warranty work.

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    I have the same mower here to get rebuilt - owner never checked the oil - heard a clacking sound while cutting . He added oil but it was to late . The spark plug had to come out to un-seize the engine .
    We are getting many machines with low oil damage - the new stuff doesn't like the heat like the oil of 15 years ago .

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    Post Re: Blade won't turn, cord won't pull:(

    I think your mower motor has gone into retirement mode,It's time for the recycling pile is my guess. My personal favorite oil; Amsoil, product code ASE. There are several other good oils on the market as well.

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