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Thread: cub cadet is running very slow but Engine is good

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    cub cadet is running very slow but Engine is good

    My brother in law has cub cadet and it is getting slower and slower.
    The engine starts and runs very well.
    is this a transmition problem or clutch or other problem
    any ideas please?

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    Re: cub cadet is running very slow but Engine is good

    What model CC is it?
    They made shaft driven gear & hydro drives...
    And belt drives... KennyV

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    Post Re: cub cadet is running very slow but Engine is good

    Yes, we'll need a little more information. If it is a hydro model, check your transmission oil level. If it is a belt driven model, check your belts and pulleys for wear, as well as any tensioning springs, etc. If you have an electric clutch, check it for slippage.

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    The adjustment of the hydro is time consuming easy adjustment . Make sure hydro fluid is filled to the top and your belt that runs the cooling fan is ok . Your brake adjustment should be checked also . Same type of spring threaded double bolt set up . Might be dragging ?
    Remember it is easy to adjust the system but it is turn the bolt and spring, lock the bolt, drive it - some machines that come into our repair shop just do not have the ground speed anymore .
    Mostly caused by never cleaning the piles of dead grass sitting on the rear axle - it is air cooled too and owners neglect to keep the engine, deck,rear axle clean .

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    Re: cub cadet is running very slow but Engine is good

    The pump in your hydro transmision could be worn out. I have an older craftsman with a hydrogear hydro transmision. Mine doesn't go as fast as it used to, even with a new belt, and the oil is full. It makes this really loud, deep whining noise when the clutch is let out and driving. It doesn't seem to be losing power or anything it just doesn't go as fast as it used to. Keep in mind though, this tractor has see a lot of abuse, lots. This tracotr is used off road and towing, i mean towing big, heavy logs and stuff, and up hills too. If anyone has any input, i would like to hear it. Thanks.

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    Re: cub cadet is running very slow but Engine is good

    I don't think that it is Hydro drive.
    The lawn tractor has a rod that is connected to the foot pedal going back under the frame to the transmition.
    I think that this has some sort of clutch arrangement in the transmition underneath.
    I dont think that it has a belt drive either.
    I am not an expert with this mower by means!
    All i know is that the harder you push down on the pedal it just plods along now and will sometimes
    spring into a little more speed.
    Does this mean the transmition has to be rebuilt?
    Any ideas would be great.

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    Re: cub cadet is running very slow but Engine is good


    I just found this posting about Cub Cadet transmition clutch issues and shimming SOLUTION from another site.
    See below, does anyone know if this cheep fix really works out well?

    My local dealer who quoted $600 to fix this problem. His solution was to replace the whole assembly. I finally spoke with someone at Cub Cadet tech support and they told me how to fix it wit $5 worth of parts!
    The solution is to remove the frame cover (6 bolts) to get access to the top of the cluth assembly. The clutch assembly has a cover on on the top rear. If you remove this cover (3 bolts) you will see a bearing. The clearance between the outer race of this bearing and the cover (put straight edge against it shuold be 2/1000 - 7/1000. If it is not your clutch will slip. To fix it buy some $2 shims (washers). The part numbers are
    736-3126 - Washer, flat, 1.25 x 1.8 x 0.005
    736-3127 - Washer, flat, 1.25 x 1.8 x 0.010
    736-3104 - Washer, flat, 1.25 x 1.8 x 0.015
    736-3105 - Washer, flat, 1.25 x 1.8 x 0.020
    736-3106 - Washer, flat, 1.25 x 1.8 x 0.025
    736-3107 - Washer, flat, 1.25 x 1.8 x 0.062

    Once you have these remove the bearing. Press on the forward pedal to help push it out and then pull it the of the way. I did this with a bent heavy paper clip. Insert the proper washers to get back within spec (2/1000 - 7/1000), insert the bearing and put the cover back on.
    If the spacing is to small (< 2/1000) then the tractor may creep when idling in 1st gear. Other than that you shuold be in good shape!

    I assume this will work on any cub cadet lawn tractor with auto-gear transmission.

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