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Thread: gas cap leak

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    gas cap leak

    gas cap leaks thru vent hole in cap on 2010 cub cadet 1050 ltxkw. dealer blames poor gas. put ethynol free gas in and still leaks. anyone know why?

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    Re: gas cap leak

    Hello Brad & welcome to LMF...

    Get a new cap ... there is a 'deflecting shield' (allows air in but keeps fuel from going out), that is not working ... you can try pulling it apart to see if you can salvage the one you have .... but odds are you will have to get another cap... it could be that a piece got lost at one of the fill ups, or it may not have been in it to begin with... KennyV

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    Re: gas cap leak

    Hey there - WELCOME to LMF!

    I moved your thread to the Small Engine & Mower Repair Forum. You'll get a better response there.

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    Re: gas cap leak

    I also own a Cub Cadet LTX 1050 which I bought in 2010 and I have the same problem. It appears to be a manufacturing or assembly defect. I was in Home Depot today and noticed that the new Cub Cadet all have a newer designed locking gas cap with the vent shield. I am looking on the Home Depot web site for the new gas cap.

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    Re: gas cap leak

    In the last couple of years most manufactures have gone to environmentally friendly gas caps. They attempt to keep gas and fumes from getting out while letting air in. A lot of them fail in one direction or the other.

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