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Thread: Craftsman Kohler Command CV20S Electrical Problems (I think)

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    Craftsman Kohler Command CV20S Electrical Problems (I think)

    I have an older Craftsman 917.258890 mower that has a Kohler Command CV20S. It sat up all winter and it appears to be having electrical problems and will not turn over. When I turn the key the solenoid clicks but nothing happens.
    - New Battery, no results
    - Tried jumping the solenoid with a screwdriver, engine made a very small effort and then nothing. not even a spark at the solenoid terminals which totally confuses me.
    - Pulled the starter and ran it off of the battery with jumper cables and it seemed o.k.
    - Put the starter back in and tried bypassing the solenoid and running it with jumper cables while it was installed, no result.
    - At this point all of the safety switches have been by passed so fairly certain its not that.
    - When I loosen either the ground and positive battery cable and wiggle them as to interupt the contact I can hear a small click toward the carbuerator. Assuming this is the ignition module but it seems like the solenoid should be stopping any current from getting passed it if it is working (does this mean it is the solenoid? If so why can't I jump it and turn over the starter?

    Obviously I need some real help as I am a dork when it comes to electrical. Any would be appreciated.


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    Re: Craftsman Kohler Command CV20S Electrical Problems (I think)

    do you have a multimeter. check battery voltage if under 12v then charge or replace battery. while trying to crank what is the battery voltage. should be within .5v of battery voltage. check voltage at solenoid while cranking, should not drop from previous reading. check voltage at starter wire terminal, voltage should still be the same. then while cranking touch meter terminal to medal part of starter if voltage is present then ground is bad. all test are performed with negative terminal of meter attached to negative terminal of battery. any voltage drops indicate a bad connection or bad wire. if no adverse voltage drops then starter is bad or if you have a major voltage drop at the starter terminal test then starter could be shorted.
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    Re: Craftsman Kohler Command CV20S Electrical Problems (I think)

    Thanks for the reply followed the steps and it turned out to be the starter after all. Even after testing. Pulled it apart and found two stuck brushes.

    Thanks again

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