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Thread: Primer Problem

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    Primer Problem

    My mower is a Craftmans. Briggs-6.0 H.P. Self-propelled- Model 122K02-0577-E1. I just installed a new Carburetor. It starts, and runs good. I also installed a new primer [hole in primer from Man.] I also cleaned the hole in the primer going to the Carb. But the primer does not work. Why would the primer not work? I know how to put gas in the spark plug hole ,if need be. I know I can make it without the primer, but this bugs me, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You

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    Re: Primer Problem

    The gasket between the carb and air cleaner housing didn't seal and therefore is not pushing air into the carb. try tightening the air cleaner housing bolts a little more or double gasket the air filter housing to the carb
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    Re: Primer Problem

    I agree with the last post except for the double gasket. A new gasket is very inexpensive. Also, there may be a chunk of aluminum blocking the passage in the carb or a piece of plastic shaving blocking the passage from the primer to the carb body. Easy fix with carb cleaner and a little air pressure. Just spray both passages and then blow em dry.
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    Re: Primer Problem

    Check the fuel lines, if you crossed them up by accident it would not work.

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    Re: Primer Problem

    This is a Briggs according to the post and I have never seen more than one fuel line on them since I started repairing them in 1979
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