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Thread: B & S gas tank replacement

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    B & S gas tank replacement

    Anyone on here own a pushmower with B&S engine, that has had the fuel tank split? I have done some internet searching and apparently it is a fairly common issue. I would have expected to see some kind of recall, with as much emphasis they are putting on environmental issues (i.e. no-leak fuel cans that we all love so much). Am I stuck just shelling out $35 for a new fuel tank?


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    Re: B & S gas tank replacement

    Briggs did have a recall on these, but it was several years ago. Before you pay for the new tank you miight be able to get your briggs dealer to call his area rep and possibly get a free tank. I say possibly because the recall may not have included your tank, but it is worth a try.
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    Re: B & S gas tank replacement

    That would be me. I bought another but it was about 20$ if I recall correctly. I bought mine about 6 years ago. Haven't had problems with the replacement. There is a picture of the mower in the ugliest mower contest.

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    Re: B & S gas tank replacement

    With the grass growing so fast you can almost see it, I just bit the bullet and ordered a new one. Mower started on the second pull. And no more gas leaks!

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