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Thread: scag cutting problems

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    scag cutting problems

    Hi, I have a Scag Turf tiger 52" cut with approximately 400 hrs. About mid season I started having trouble with the fuses getting hot and melting also it started leaving the grass partially cut especially on the right side. I have changed the deck belt, the drive belts and the clutch and it still wants to kind of lay the grass down and not cut it. I have checked the deck to be sure it is level and checked the tire pressure. It seems as if the blades are not turning fast enough. I usually use the gator blades, but I went back to the regular blades, but no chance. I also checked the mandrels and they all seem tight. I have had it approximately 8 years and have had very little trouble with it replacing only one hyd. pump and the bearings in one mandrel. If anyone has any ideas they would be deeply appreciated.

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    Re: scag cutting problems

    The fuese melting is usually a sign of corrosion in the fuse terminals, but could also be other locations in the wiring. the corrosion could cause low voltage, which could cause problems with the pto, or the clutch could be going bad and drawing too many amps leading to problems also.
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    Re: scag cutting problems

    I will change the fuse terminals. I checked the voltage coming from the pto switch with the clutch unhooked and had 12.5 volts. I thought the clutch could be bad so I replaced it and the pto switch. Thanks for Your help. I will check back with You after I change the terminals.

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    Re: scag cutting problems

    Hi, I replaced the fuse holders as well as the electronic module and it seems to work much better. Only tried a small area. The module had a small bump or bubble in the epoxy and I decide to replace it also. Is there a way to test the module? Thanks so much for Your help.

    Lawn Tiger

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