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Thread: briggs spark problem

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    briggs spark problem

    I have a problem with my Troybilt push mower. It has had inter. starting problems. I checked for spark "none." I pulled the kill wire off, then I had it. The wire was good so I looked at the brake to the flywheel, and the wire was attached. I don't know in what orientation the wire should go on the brake. I took it out of the clip and I also had spark. does anyone know or have pictures of the correct place for it? It's a briggs professional 7.75 11p902-0693-b1 09110562. I can add pics if needed.


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    Re: briggs spark problem

    Search you tube for Briggs coil replacement, think I remember seeing what your looking for.

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    Re: briggs spark problem

    Here is a pic. I have not found anything (2).jpg

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    Re: briggs spark problem

    Quote Originally Posted by OTWLAWNMOWERMAN View Post
    Here is a pic. I have not found anything (2).jpg
    The ignition wire appears to be shorting to ground there. That will kill your spark.
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    Re: briggs spark problem

    Looks OK to me........
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