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    Question Gas Leaks

    When I push the primer blub, gas comes out a hole on other side of carb. I put my finger over hole and primer works good. it doesnt change running when hole is plugged. B&S #10A902- 2291- B1/ 550 series. Also when I took shroud off it ran better, whats its for , just to look good ?

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    Re: Gas Leaks

    First, check the float level, it is probably set to high and when priming you are pushing fuel out of the float bowl vent. Second, the shroud is a major part of the cooling system and running an engine with it removed you are asking for an early death of our engine.
    This is only my opinion, and many will say it ain't worth a darn, as I'm only a retired grease monkey instructor and not a professional mechanic. Use what I post at your own risk as you know teachers only know book knowledge.

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