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Thread: Self-Propelled Wheels Jammed

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    Self-Propelled Wheels Jammed

    I have two (3 if you count mine, but it works fine) Brute 700885 mowers, both whose drive wheels (FWD) are jammed and won't turn at all. I haven't done anything besides pull a wheel off and see of there was anything stuck in the gears, but the looked fine. I'm just not sure where to start. Transmission? What would cause it on two of these? Both are probably only a couple years old, but sat outside for a year after the owner's son broke both and he gave them to me.

    Thanks in advance for any tips/suggestions.

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    Re: Self-Propelled Wheels Jammed

    When you removed the wheels, there should be a gear for each wheel. That gear should freewheel in ONE direction and not the other. Is that the case with yours?

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    Re: Self-Propelled Wheels Jammed

    check to see if the belt is on the pully if so turn the axles by hands and if it dose not the is your tranny

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    Re: Self-Propelled Wheels Jammed

    The rain finally stopped and I had a chance to pull the wheels off, which were a real PITA. Wheels look fine, gears don't move in either direction. After greasing the axles so the wheels would go back on easier, I started it and engaged the drive, they turned forward ever so slightly then stopped. While engaged I can push the mower and the wheels will turn as I push, lock up when the drive is disengaged.

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