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Thread: Craftsman DLT2000 Transmission won't engage

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    Craftsman DLT2000 Transmission won't engage


    I have a Craftsman DLT2000 riding mower/tractor, it has an automatic transmission, 20 hp Kohler engine, and a 48" mower deck. It work fine yesterday, but today it will not go forward or backwards. When either the forward or the reverse pedal is pushed it just growls. I have checked the emergency brake and I have verified the belts are all in the correct place (I replaced them at the start of the mowing season this year so they are fairly new).

    The mower deck will engage and the blades spin.

    But the tractor can't be pushed forwards or backwards. It is clear the transmission is not letting the back wheels rotate.

    The belt from the engine to the rear transmission is engaged and spinning.

    Any ideas on how I should start trouble shooting this issue?

    Thank you in advance.

    John Harvey

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    Re: Craftsman DLT2000 Transmission won't engage

    I got it fixed. The parking brake mechanism wasn't quite completely dis-engaging. I used a stronger spring and all is now fine. Also I found out that the pedal mechanism needs to be overhauled, so i fixed one problem and found another.

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