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Thread: 179cc Chonda engine air gap

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    179cc Chonda engine air gap

    ok, i have a craftsman 24" snowblower (a 2010 model i believe) with a 179cc Chinese motor, engine designation 265/SU-11. i'm attempting to replace the flywheel and install a stator as it currently doesn't have a pigtail to run electrics. i'm expecting the parts today. the problem is: i measured the air gap and it was .030 which i thought was kinda large. i downloaded a shop manual from MTD for the 179cc motor and they state the air gap is to be between .008-.016. there are so many iterations of this motor that at times it's confusing. it runs ok and starts easily although it seems to run lean. i'm just hoping the new flywheel and stator will bolt on. from lurking certain forums, most say the parts are interchangable. be that as it may, does anyone have knowledge of this motor and its pecularities? thanks for any help on this.
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    Re: 179cc Chonda engine air gap

    hi again. this is a follow up in case anyone needs the info. i got my parts and installed..bada bing!, i have voltage coming out my pigtail. so if anyone is interested, here's the lowdown: my engine is a 265/SU-11 which has NO stator and the flywheel has NO magnets. i ordered a flywheel (part #951-10805) for a 365-SUB and a stator (part #951-10719). the stator does not have the 2 mounting bolts so you would have to scrounge for them. luckily i had some in my collection. i also set the air gap to .016 and it runs fine. now to get a 12v dc regulator to run my LED running lights and i'll be in business for next winter.
    1997 Lawn Boy Gold series Model 10523
    2006 Lawn Boy Model 10685

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    Re: 179cc Chonda engine air gap

    Thanks. I do not need the info, but someone will.

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