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Thread: Kubota TG1860 riding mower

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    Kubota TG1860 riding mower

    I just had my mower blade belts replaced and one blade tighted at the dealer and it ran perfect for the first mowing of about 1 acre. Two weeks later it was driven out about 40 feet, working perfectly, when it stopped moving. The engine and mower continued going but the machine wouldn't go forward or reverse. If anyone has a clue where to start it would be appreciated. Aloha JC

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    Re: Kubota TG1860 riding mower

    check the transmission drive belt to see if it came off any of the pulleys, or broke.
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    Re: Kubota TG1860 riding mower

    The mower blades work as usual and it appears the drive belt from the trans to the mower is in tact. The one thing that seems slightly different is the preasure required to move the foot pedal forward and back. That pedal presses against what appears to be a plunger connected to an electrical gizmo.
    thanks JC

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    Re: Kubota TG1860 riding mower

    Check your hydro fluid

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