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Thread: Head gasket replacement.

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    Head gasket replacement.

    The motor is an Techumseh HH120

    What I need to know is in what order do I tighten down the bolts and to what torque.

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    Re: Head gasket replacement.

    As in the photo:
    top center, bottom center, top left, bottom right, top right, bottom left, right center, left center, then the only one that is left over which is by the exhaust valve. Remember "if you have 3 bolts that are longer", they go around the exhaust valve.

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    Re: Head gasket replacement.

    If you don't have a service manual which I don't always have. Always tighten any head on any engine in a circle and across from each other. I also tighten them twice first time about haft foot lbs and the second time full foot lbs. I also don't always know the torque specs. What I do for that is I have a chart made up by size and grade bolts and what there torque specs are. This will work with most engines but not all, expressly newer and diesel engines with newer style gaskets but it will with most small gas engines.

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    Re: Head gasket replacement.

    You can download a tecumseh manual. Search Tecumseh manuals and go to the Tecumseh site that comes up.

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    Re: Head gasket replacement.

    From the manual
    Attached Images Attached Images
    "Information/Knowledge not shared will be lost for ever, now that I'am over 60 I will give freely any information that will help you out, you don't have to take it, that is up to you...! the word "thank you" will not cost you anything, so be nice sometimes and use it now and then"

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