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Thread: Snapper lawn mower won't start

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    Snapper lawn mower won't start

    I pulled the cord on my snapper lawn mower an it came all the way out an got stuck. I released it an it pulled but it was very loose an now it won't start. Any suggestion

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    If you need to hold in a lever to start it, it could be that that lever gas gotten unattached. My friend has a mower and you needed to hold in the bar to engage the blades to start it, and since that bar was not working, it wouldn't start. I knew that was why because when I pressed in the bar there was no resistance.
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    Re: Snapper lawn mower won't start

    Ok what is the lever gas?

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    Re: Snapper lawn mower won't start

    I'm sorry! I meant "the lever HAS gotten.....". Sorry!

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    Re: Snapper lawn mower won't start

    The "bar" is usually referred to as the bale.....

    This is connected to the throttle cable, which can get stretched out or the spring gets stretched and might need replacement - all in the handle assemby.

    The pull rope not giving resistance should be a pretty straightforward problem to look into. Take off the bonnet and check the pulley assembly.

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    Re: Snapper lawn mower won't start

    Ok, the housing that covers the pull cord is held down with rivets. Is it ok to take it off.

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