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Thread: Kubota T1760 Lawn Tractor

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    Re: Kubota T1760 Lawn Tractor

    I'm trying to determine if this is a fuel problem or spark problem and the symptoms can indicate either one. Many times when an engine is running out of gas (lean) it will surge and sometimes pop (backfire) due to running lean. I'd really like to see an inline spark checker hooked up while the problem is happening.

    Have you replaced the fuel lines? I have seen where fuel lines soften and squeeze together shutting off fuel flow to the carburetor and this can cause an engine to surge then die. I have also seen an obstruction in the fuel line cause similar symptoms. The list can go on for a long time and I don't want to recommend a part change without proof that it failed. A 14 year old mower could have something bouncing off the bottom of the fuel tank such as a leaf that will intermittently plug the fuel tank outlet. There are so many possibilities in a case like this and until you can pinpoint something it is just speculation.

    Until we determine what factor is missing when the engine acts up it is going to be a shot in the dark checking all the systems on the mower for the actual problem.

    The fuel pump has an impulse line that connects to the engine. Find the line that is not one of the two fuel lines and check it carefully for leakage of any kind. This line provides the fuel pump with alternating vacuum/pressure to operate the fuel pump. If there is a weak spot in the line it could collapse which would cause the pump to not pump fuel. Again, I'm offering possible causes but you will have to check all these items to verify if they pass or fail.

    I'll keep thinking on this one and if anything else comes to mind I'll make sure to post it here.

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    Re: Kubota T1760 Lawn Tractor

    Thanks dearly for sticking with me on this.....Hopefully ...I have not been silly enuff to let such as a leaf get in my fuel tank.....will know more tomorrow...hopefully......altho I am having a few beers tonite as I am disgusted with this mess. I will check fuel pump line as you said. I have always done all repairs on this mower myself since I have had it and its been a good machine......its just that this prob has me stumped at this point. I have faith we will figure this out!! Thanks for sticking wih me on this!! Judy

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    Re: Kubota T1760 Lawn Tractor

    A foreign object finding its way into your gas tank is possible but not your fault. I was filling my generator after a hurricane wiped out the power lines and I was using a funnel so I wouldn't spill any fuel when a large insect flew into the funnel and the stream of gasoline washed it down before I could stop pouring from the 5 gallon jug. It happens.

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    Re: Kubota T1760 Lawn Tractor was 100 degrees ouside today and way to hot for me to work my mower today......Have you thought of anything new for me to check? Maybe someone else out there has had this problem...all suggestions are appreciated!!!

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    Re: Kubota T1760 Lawn Tractor

    Quote Originally Posted by JDMATT View Post was 100 degrees ouside today and way to hot for me to work my mower today......Have you thought of anything new for me to check? Maybe someone else out there has had this problem...all suggestions are appreciated!!!
    Yeah, I know it was 100 degrees today - I worked outside all day

    Perform the checks I posted previously and let me know what you find.

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    Re: Kubota T1760 Lawn Tractor

    I tried to check the safety switch under the seat yesterday and couldnt unplug it....I assume it unplugs..... looks like a terminal plug with two wires....I was afraid to put pliers on it....Its plastic and I was afraid I would break it and have another problem. Is there atrick to unplugging it?

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    Re: Kubota T1760 Lawn Tractor

    Sometimes there are "locks" on the side of the connector and you have to use a small screwdriver to spread the lock open and then you can slide the connectors apart. How bout the other checks-the impulse line?

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    Re: Kubota T1760 Lawn Tractor

    I havent pulled the covers off yet so I can see the fuel pump....I dont remember seeing a third hose on it but I wasnt looking for one either....that very well could be the problem. I have not replaced a lot of hoses on that mower....I bought it new. Its a one Sorry you had to work in the heat....I am too old to work in it. If I had a stroke would be 3 weeks before someone found me. That safety button terminal is kinda hidden under the frame ..should I put the pliers to it and tug gently?

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    Re: Kubota T1760 Lawn Tractor

    I feel too old to be working in this heat but I do it anyway. Hehe.

    The safety switch - hmmmm. Don't you just love how the engineers design some things. I jokingly say that they get the best drugs. Some of the stuff they dream up really makes me shake my head but I realize it's not always the engineers fault, it's the bean counter. You can try with a pliers but be gentle. If it doesn't come apart easily I'd try from underneath or if there are screws holding the switch in place, remove them and maybe you can get to the connector. I have several ways of lifting riding mowers and one of them is with an engine hoist connected to the front or rear of the mower and this helps me gain access the the underside of the mower. Do you have access to an engine hoist?

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    Re: Kubota T1760 Lawn Tractor

    Nope... no hoist and hopefully I wont need one for this problem I have. Does a fuel pump go out gradually or suddenly stop working on the average? When it cools down outside I am going to at least pull the covers off this evening so I can see the carb and fuel pump.

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