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Thread: Antique Murray?

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    Question Antique Murray?

    Hi all, I am a newbe, signed in as Munchkin.
    I have and old Murray Lawn Tractor 11/36 Model 4-36534 with a mfg date of 0054. This tractor has been very very good to me but has had some problems and needed repairs. I had someone fix the wiring some time ago and he bypassed some safety features but got it to run. The wiring is so messed up now it won't run and I want to replace the complete wiring harness. Does any one know if there is a replacement? The original part no. is 90675. Thanks for any info.


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    Re: Antique Murray?

    Hi all, I didn't get any info through my post, so decided to go the push button start system, did that and have the mower running and cut the grass today. The Tractor I think from doing some investigating is a 1984, with the Briggs engine built in 1983. Thanks anyway, although if any one does read the post and knows where I can get the Wiring harness, please let me know. Munchkin

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