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    pto clutch removal

    How do you remove the entire clutch assembly from the rear shaft of the engine to replace the rear main seal on a 2004 737 Z Trak? I removed the retaining bolt on the end of the shaft, but the clutch seems stuck on the shaft and won't slide off the shaft as the John Deere manual indicated it should. Dealer said "pry it off with a screwdriver" but it looks like that will bend the pulley or break the aluminum case.


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    Re: pto clutch removal

    I ain't familiar with your model but usually the cluch sleeve is secured with a key,the clutch assembly could be a little tight if the key or shaft was damaged upon assembly and assembled dry or is corroded in ( try soaking with some W-40 overnight)
    I would find a prybar that will slide behind the pully as close to the shaft as possible and put some tension on it,then run the bolt back in a 1/2 ",leave some room for the pully to move and tap the bolt with a hammer while keeping tension on the prybar.
    That way it might come right off.
    You may need a longer bolt as removal progresses but the pully remains reluctant to pull off by hand.

    hope this helps.

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