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    troy built mower 6.75 series 190cc

    Lawnmower sometimes starts up and then dies down. Revs up and runs good until i run it over grass and then it dies down to a very low idle level. Finally it would pick up to a high level and run good for about 5 minutes and then die down and just cut off. now it won't start.

    I replaced the spark plug, fuel filter screen, removed old gas that was in there from when i bought it at a pawn shop and put in new fuel and gas cleaner. The oil is very new. It won't start up now. Does this lawnmower have a gas filter as well as a fuel screen? Any help appreciated.


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    Re: troy built mower 6.75 series 190cc

    Sounds like fuel starvation due to the old gas that was sitting in it from the pawn shop. I'd start by removing the carburetor and giving it a good cleaning and replacing any defective part/gasket. Youtube has a lot of information on rebuilding/cleaning small engine carburetors and is a good place to start if you have never rebuilt a carburetor before.

    Did you try spraying some aerosol carburetor cleaner in the carburetor to see if it would start on the cleaner? If you spray some cleaner in the carburetor and the engine starts & runs for a second or two then dies it is fuel starvation and the main jet is most likely plugged.

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