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    JD 165 Hydro cuts out after mowing a while, then dies and won't start.

    I had this mower given to me knowing it was messed up, now I'm trying to fix it. It needed a battery and I replaced that, and I tried mowing with it today and I was almost able to get my yard done (mowed for about 20 minutes) and it starting cutting out. At first not so bad, but then it got worse and worse over the course of a couple minutes to where it almost dies, and I have to shut the deck off to get it to stay running. Eventually it just dies even with no load and won't start. I've been waiting at least an hour and a half now, it still won't start and it's barely warm to the touch.

    I'm guessing coil but before I go spend the money, maybe there is some kind of other fix?



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    Re: JD 165 Hydro cuts out after mowing a while, then dies and won't start.

    Jeff, I have a 165, bought it used in 2000, anyway mowing with it for awhile it would cut out and eventually quit. I found out the igniter on the side of the block went out, $ 40.00 later still going strong. My neighbor's 170 did the same thing, just my .05 on the matter.
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