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Thread: bearing removal

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    bearing removal

    how do i replace the spindle bearings on my cub cadet LT1050?


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    Re: bearing removal

    Quote Originally Posted by rwilson View Post
    how do i replace the spindle bearings on my cub cadet LT1050?
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    Remove deck and then remove the bearing housings from the deck. Depending on design either remove the shaft through the top or bottom of the housing and bearings after removing either the blade adapter or pulley. Drive old bearings out with a punch. They usually need to be driven out by driving on the inner race of the bearing. If the inner race comes out that's fine because then the spacer contained between the bearings will fall out and sometimes the outer race driving will complete the task. Be careful not to punch the housing shoulder inside where the outer bearing race stops on the shoulder.

    Replace bearings by driving in using a socket just slightly smaller than the outer race diameter or pressing in with a press. Often the bearings will go in past flush and the socket will still be needed using a press. Don't forget to insert the spacer after the first bearing is installed. This is a critical part. Also on pressing or driving the second bearing in it needs to stop just as the inner bearing race touches the spacer otherwise un-due side thrust will result and ball bearings don't like that very much. Also if the second bearing inner race doesn't touch the spacer extreme side thrust will be forced on the bearings when the blade nut is tightened.

    Pictured is a couple of John Deere assemblies that need the pulleys removed first thing. The last I checked those Asian bearings could be purchased at my near by Farmer's CO-OP for a buck 78 each. Although I should mention the buck 78 bearings have a rubber seal on each side and the JD LA-135 units in the picture had a steel shield on one side and a rubber seal. The steel shield on the bottom of the lower bearing is superior in my opinion because of debris such as string, monofilament fishing line, hair from the cow's tail or horses mane getting wrapped around and tearing the rubber seal out. happens frequently on ole country boy's mowers.
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