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    Red face Re: LawnBoy overheating?

    Was at HD a while back and overheard a conversation between a new mower customer and the sales associate. Customer asked what size the blades are and did HD stock them, sales associated responded, what blades are you talking about as he stood there with the mower paperwork in his hand. HD actually still had the correct paperwork for the display mower that the customer had just purchased, but not the engine, some is better than none some of the time!!!!!
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    Re: LawnBoy overheating?

    I hope you didn't do any serious damage by running without oil mixed with the gas. Regular gasoline has some lubricating value -- that helps a little. Some people run fuel:oil ratios of 100:1 in these engines without any problems but I don't push it higher than 50:1.

    The oil I mix with gas comes in a special plastic bottle with a measuring chamber on top so you just squeeze the bottom and oil squirts up into that chamber. Then you pour the measured amount into a gallon of gas. This system eliminates the need for a separate container to measure the oil. You can buy two-stroke oil this way in the garden section of WalMart as well as Home Depot.
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    Re: LawnBoy overheating?

    Them old lawnboys are tough now lol.

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    Re: LawnBoy overheating?

    Alright guy, I am wondering if the mower was messed up or did it run ok when you corrected the fuel mixture? And I hope you went and straightened out the big box store advice.

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