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    Scag SSZ 61" -- What is this mower worth????

    Scag SSZ 61" -- What is this mower worth????

    I have an old Scag mower. It is a 61" with a 22 hp Kohler. The mower itself is in very good condition. The motor isn't as much. It smokes when you crank it and I believe that it really needs a rebuild. Does anybody know what I should ask for this mower?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Scag SSZ 61" -- What is this mower worth????

    I'd start out at $1500 and let people talk you down... Maybe you will get lucky and manage to get $1000 for it. You might get lucky and get more. The motor on a lawn mower is just like one in your truck.... it is the heart and soul of the machine,and it is the most costly to repair. For some reason lawn mower companies feel that their small engines are worth nearly what a truck engine is. Two years ago I had a kawasaki 19hp replaced under warranty,and if it had not been under warranty it would have cost $1852 for the engine,and $250 to install it. If someone is going to buy a mower knowing that they have to fork out alot of money to get it running like new,they want to purchase it for a low price so that they feel it is worth the hassle involved.

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