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    Re: Replace or Repair ?

    I repair a lot of HRC215's because they do not have the blade brake, are lighter and have optional heavy duty blades that the replacement HRC216's don't.
    The 216 eat clutch springs because of the modified handle bars to accomodate the blade brake which also makes the bars unacceptably thick with the clutch lever pressed onto the brake lever pressed onto the bars.
    And of course all the professionals have the blade brake taped/ glued/ bolted to the handlebars
    the last big rebuild job on one was $ 1400 as I can no longer get the 2 speed gearbox so I had to rebuild it , rebuild the engine, rebore and do a dozen or more welds to the chassis.
    Trade proce on the new mower is $ 1400
    Costumer left with a big grin on his dial and dropped the No 3 mower for its make over the next week.


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    Re: Replace or Repair ?

    I'll choose the devil I know, if my lawnmower can be repaired, why shoud I buy a new one?

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    Re: Replace or Repair ?

    I haven't seen a $200 mower that I would want to own. I'll keep fixing my 20 year old mower thank you.

    Some one GAVE me a $200 mower. A wallyworld special. No choke, no primer bulb. "Guaranteed to start or we fix it free". It kept throwing the drive belt. It would take 10 or 20 hard pulls to get it to start. Sheesh. I sold it for $35 and was happy to see it go away. The $35 covered all the parts I put on it.

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    Re: Replace or Repair ?

    Maybe philosophical but I believe a mower reflects the owners
    personality, and more so than vehicles which can be dual purpose
    and shared (ownership).

    I reckon I am worth spending more than 200 enchladas on


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    Thumbs up All depends on what that $200 repair is for

    My old HOP mower with a Honda engine... every time I'm working on it, my wife says "Just go buy a new one!" I've looked at the new ones - and until something major breaks, I'll just keep fixing it. She doesn't get that that new mower is going to suffer the same wear & tear as this one. This is the first I've had that didn't rust through the deck, break axle bolts, etc. Only had to put in the shop once when I hit a root & thought the shaft was bent. Dealer told me then I was lucky it was a Honda engine. So I replace worn out cables, do the preventive maintenance, etc - keep on mowing!

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