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    02' Scag Tiger Cat w/650 hrs, pulls to the left

    I've been looking for a while to buy a good used Scag. I finally located one that I think is a pretty good buy. It's an '02 (possibly '03) Tiger Cat with a 61" deck and 23hp Kohler. It's been kept inside a climate-controlled shop building and was used to mow a 3-acre lot. It looks like it's been very well taken care of and runs really well. The only thing that concerns me is that when you push both steering levers all the way forward it pulls pretty good to the left. Both rear tires were a bit low on air, but I don't think that was the problem. In order to drive it straight I had to let off the right steering lever by about 3-4". Should this be a big concern, or is the normal? My concern is that the hydraulic pump could be going bad and I believe that's over $600 just for the pump. Your input would be appreciated!


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    Re: 02' Scag Tiger Cat w/650 hrs, pulls to the left

    Hello and WELCOME to LMF.....

    There are several things that could influence the 'stick position'.... and your right that it may be a pump or motor problem...
    Can also be in the plumbing ... only a slight variation in the routing of the hydraulic tubing or slight variation in the pressure relief valving can make a difference.. at the fastest speed you are moving a LOT of liquid... and it is difficult to make two assemblies exactly the same... the stick positions are not necessarily linear, a slight error in the neutral location may result in a much greater difference in fluid flow at full travel limits, so try to have the neutral be as close to the same left & right....
    Normal ware can also influence the difference... if you are always mowing in a CW vs a CCW direction... over a 8 year period, you will have had much more use on the left side drive... it's on the outside and has a farther distance...
    With only 650 hours on it, you should expect a lot of life still in that machine...
    Unless there were more problems than the bit of difference at full speed... I would not be overly concerned... I suspect you are finding this mower at a pretty good price... 'end of season' &
    8 or 9 years old... But with the hours on it it's still very young... I think you can get a lot of use from this mower...
    A fresh change of hydraulic fluid& filter would be on my list...
    If you eventually have to replace pumps or motors... you will find that with the right information and a bit of looking, those parts can be found at much more reasonable pricing...
    If everything else about this tractor looks like what you want... I'd get it... KennyV

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