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    JD Z445 Stalling

    Hello, I have a JD Z445 mower with the Kawasaki engine and 48" cutter deck. I bought it in 2008 and so far has been a great mower to mow the 1.5 acres I have. Out of nowhere it began to stall as if a belt was putting a drag on the engine. I made sure all the belts were clear of obstructions and greased the cutter blade bearings and it will work for a few minutes and then starts doing the same thing again. As long as the deck is not engaged it runs fine so I figure it may be in the electric clutch so something like that. Anybody run into this type of thing before?


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    When the electric PTO fails it's 50% chance it just doesn't turn on & the other is when it seizes you think you seized the motor because even the starter won't turn the motor ...

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