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    cub cadet wont start plese help

    I have a sltx 1054 cub cadet with a 26 horse koehler courage engine. The mower only has 29 hours on it. Went to start it today there was a pop when starting like it was going to turn over then didnt. It cranks but wont turn over. Gas is getting to plugs, air filter is clean, tried new plugs still nothing. Just wondered if anyone has any other ideas Id appreciate it. Would take it in but cant really go that long with out one since they are backed up a couple weeks.

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    Re: cub cadet wont start plese help

    check for spark with plugs in engine. buy a spark tester of a auto parts supply store, run about 5$. This is just a starting point for diagnosing the problem. spark, fuel, compression, timing and it will run.

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