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    Re: Here's Your Problem. (19hp Kohler Courage)

    Quote Originally Posted by Luffydog View Post
    The main reason it happens is the engine is not perfectly balanced and with viberations from the engine and from rough terrain causing bolts to loosen up which causes a more unbalance resulting in the crankshaft counter weight to fly out and hit the block causing major damage and failure. Although I have seen one run with hole in the block. He said mower is making a noise and would like for me to check it out. When he cranked it up to unload it off the trailer it was the last time it ran.
    Don't extrapolate your customers problems to cover the entire run of engines.
    Most Husqvarnas sold down here are fitted with Courages and very few of them have problems with the bolts loosening.
    As for balancing, most are balanced very well, far better than the equivalent Inteks so it will be a 3rd , 4th or higher resonance that is causing the problems.


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    Re: Here's Your Problem. (19hp Kohler Courage)

    The new kohler engine has 2 in it now. Their reason is for quieter but the main is for the balance.

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    Re: Here's Your Problem. (19hp Kohler Courage)

    Picked up another Toro Timecutter with a Courage. This one runs great but has the typical hairline crack. See pics. What can I expect to pay to have this welded or should I just use JB Weld or similar?
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