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    starting by itself...

    Okay folks, new member here, I have a very small-time business. i have two mowers, both with problems, but the main one that is stumping me is my Poulan 925ZX zero turn. It has a B&S engine that will start whenever the positive wire touches the pos post on the battery. ive checked the starter solenoid, and it is opening/closing as it should. this is the third solenoid though, and i'm curious if there's something in the system BEFORE the solenoid that is causing trouble. I'll explain. So right now,i have everything hooked up except the positive wire to the post. As soon as I touch it, it will try and start, no key at all, and it will start sometimes. when it does start, it runs for a few seconds and dies out. then trying to crank it back up, it will start (occasionally) but the starter will stay engaged and won't stop unless i unhook the cable from the positive post. It has a new solenoid, starter, clutch and carb rebuild. I have put money into it and it seems to be biting me in the ***. I don't know what the problem is, and I'm no master electrical gremlin chaser. Any input would be appreciated.


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    Re: starting by itself...

    Disconnect the power wire to the starter itself to prevent it from turning then hook up the battery.
    On the bottom of the solenoid should be 2 wires.There are the trigger wires.
    With the ignition turned off there should be no power to either of them.
    IF there is power then the starting circuit has a short.
    If there is ground to one of them the safety circuit has a short.
    The + side goes from the fuse to the B terminal on the ignition switch to the S terminal on the ignition switch to the PTO switch to the Brake Switch to the trigger terminal on the solenoid.
    The added safety circuit for ZTR's guns a ground wire to one lap bar to the next lap bar & then to the - trigger terminal on the solenoid

    To save wire, the power feed to the mower is generally taken from the Power post on the solenoid.
    Double check you have not run this wire to the trigger terminal by accident when you replaced the solenoid.
    You will not be the first to have done this, it is a very common mistake.
    The other happens with the mowers without the - circuit and a short jumper to make a better ground contact.
    Because one side has a ring and the other a spade I have seen more than one person fit this wire from the power terminal to the + trigger terminal with the same result.

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