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    KM55R shaft problem

    My Stihl KM55R (KombiMotor) is starting and revving fine, but the shaft doesn't turn with the motor, like the shaft is disconnected. I'm talking about the part that engages and drives attachment tools like string trimmer and edger.

    What should I be checking?

    It's occurred to me to remove the engine cover to look at the shaft but last time I removed the top cover the entire trigger mechanism disassembled itself. Had to go to the shop to get it put back together. Should I be able to remove the cover to examine the shaft without messing up the trigger?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Re: KM55R shaft problem

    If you could not work out how to put the handle back together then you might be a touch beyond your skill set.
    Between the engine & the shaft there is a clutch and that gives problems.
    However to get to the clutch you have to remove the front cover and that includes the handle with the switches.

    OTOH if you are up for it, the job is quite strait forward just so long as you remember to use the 2nd most important toll in your box, the camera.
    Take a photo of every part, before you take it off, the part itself then the unit with the part missing, then take off the next part, and the next pair of photos.
    Thus you have a picture book set of instructions about how to put it back together.
    I can send you a copy of the parts book .
    However the only KM manual I have is for the 110 which has a different engine .
    The clutch and the offending trigger & handle are the same.

    If you want them I can email them to you directly but they can not be put on this forum as Stihl is very anal about their IP.
    SO send me a pm with your real email address if you want them.

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