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    Re: Which Hustler Should I Purchase? - help please

    Quote Originally Posted by retfr8flyr View Post
    I have the SD 48 and I have been very happy with it, for your size area I would go for the SD 54.
    How much quicker would the Fastrac 60 be over the SD 54? 10-12% quicker for mower deck width ??% for speed or is the speed not going to change?

    So would appreciate if someone could please give me their best guess for how long it would take on the 54 SD versus the 60 Fastrac for 2 acres, rather square level run, not perfectly smooth surface but ok, a house and 4-5 trees to mow around.?

    Just trying to work out if the extra $$$ is worth it. If it dropped the time by 20-30 min ok, but 6 min not really.

    thanks for your help.


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    Re: Which Hustler Should I Purchase? - help please

    I upgraded to a Fastrak 54. Great mower for me and I'm glad that I made the jump from the Raptor to the Fastrak. I almost have it paid for, don't owe too much more... (its wasn't cheap)

    I guess it was like a Vidal Sassoon commercial in my head, "I'm worth It!!!"

    Oh well, no annual interest on the deal. But STILL paying!!!!

    Best of luck on your choice.

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