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    Re: WD 40 primed thru 2 stroke for long storage ?

    That is a different alcohol than ethanol in gasoline. It does not cause the problems ethanol does. It is a superb cleaner. antifreeze, base stock for other additives, and has about a billion uses in industrial applications. Seafoam was the go to stuff for my fathers generation. They used it and it worked. There is nothing wrong with Stabil, it works very well. It has a shelf life but if it stays red it is still good to use . I buy it by the quart. Years ago oil field service outfits bought a no name brand of stabil or a look alike in 55 gallon drums. They used it in everything, gas and diesel. Later they used drums of military surplus Powerservice, or its lookalike. All the farmers I know in my dads age group used 20 weight motor oil as a fuel additive to prevent rust in their fuel tanks and barrels. All this stuff worked. Still does. If using WD40 scares you to winterize your engines then buy some engine fogger. Donnyboy73 on youtube has stated that any spray lube will work fine. That guy has forgot more than most know myself included. I have used WD40 on guns, doors, locks, screws, bug guts, blood, windows, lawnmowers, tools, and any metal part painted or not for 50 years. I have locks that are 40 years old and have been outside all that time. They work just fine. My firearms have no rust, they are old. They have been used in horrible conditions. Is there better spray lubes? No doubt. But WD40 is still a good product.


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    Re: WD 40 primed thru 2 stroke for long storage ?

    They make fogging oil in a can...

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    Re: WD 40 primed thru 2 stroke for long storage ?

    Yes they do.
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