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    Subaru-Robin V-twin 2 cylinder 26HP horizontal engine for TRADE for similar vertical

    Subaru-Robin V-twin 2 cylinder 26HP horizontal engine for TRADE

    Please read what I am looking for before asking questions. I am not expecting perfection in trade but want a COMMERCIAL series engine in trade for this as long as it spins free and has compression.

    This is a running of a Subaru-Robin 26hp horizontal shaft engine I have for trade or sale. It came from a wrecked side by side ATV/UTV so would work well in that or another application where a side shaft engine is required or desired. The product number is an EH650DC01508554 and the engine family is AFJXS.7202GA. A YouTube video of the engine running is included.
    It has been sitting a while so I don't know what work it all needs but the basic engine itself runs as demonstrated in this video. The starter may be a little lazy but that could partly be due to the fact that I don't have the proper connector and was using a wrench attached to a battery cable to engage the starter and solenoid. You can see it takes me a few tries to get it started. I do not know if the carburator is good as is or if it needs to be cleaned out or have other work done as I have never connected it to a fuel source. The engine will run indefinitely as shown here if fuel or carb cleaner is sprayed directly into the intake/throttle area.
    The plastic cover around the flywheel is cracked and some of the plastic fins on the flywheel cooling impeller are cracked. These are both easy fixes and the flywheel itself is solid. No exhaust system is included.
    I am looking to trade this engine for a vertical shaft of similar size in similar condition (overall good but needs some work). I basically want an engine that meets the following requirements. 24-26 HP vertical shaft. I prefer a 1 inch diameter shaft.
    -Kohler Command (NO Courage!) There are some Kohler with a number now and I would consider this as well. Get me the number.
    -Briggs & Stratton Vanguard series. I do not want an INTEKs.
    -Kawasaki (get me the information, numbers, etc.)
    -Or other commercial grade engine that fits this description.
    I would want to see that it could be made to run like this engine. See the Youtube video here:
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