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    The prostate is located right above the perineum To begin the procedure, be sure that your nails are as well as trimmed Using the pads of your fingertips, run through the whole entire perineum to choose a slight depression on its surface This depression is the place you need to massage therapy in to stimulate the prostate Run your fingertips coming back and forth over this place to stimulate the prostate This technique may result into an ejaculation If you have any discomfort during the massage therapy, know that you Spartagen XT are doing it wrong, and stop immediately Internal Prostate glandular glandular Massage Before you begin the internal prostate massage therapy, be sure that the arms are as well as your fingernails are trimmed If neccessary, execute bm before you begin Now wear a sterile latex glove and apply a water-based lubricant to your fingertips Slowly insert your part into your rectum through your rectum, and move it progressively upwards for about two to three inches in the direction of the navel You should be able to achieve your prostate, which every year like a soft huge of round tissues Gently stroke the glandular along its ends in a wave-like motion, and be sure to avoid the central section of the prostate The central aspect contains delicate nerves that may get damaged due to a vigorous massage therapy or due to the tip of the nails Again, this massage therapy can cause to an ejaculation, and if there is any discomfort experienced, stop immediately Using


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