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    Re: Suggestion Box: How can we make this site better?

    Create stickies addressing the fundamentals of gas powered lawnmowers. Electric too, although that topic seems to frighten many. Information on gas flow from tank, gas in carb, basic timing and shear pin, spark and what can stop it, proper tightening of fasteners, what is a seal and where, oil leaks, starting cold vs up to temp, piston rings are not like your bathroom faucet, expected life of "average gas engines," learn to use a Digital Volt Meter (DVM-it won't bite and can cost very little.) doping gas to prohibit gum..... others .

    The techs who ARE busy are often faced with explaining fundamentals in order to communicate. Users of this site bear a responsibility to inform themselves as best they can before they ask questions, and before they expect someone to solve their problem. I see that when inquiries seem sincere and show even some effort, that the techs and others almost always respond , and more willingly in such cases.

    Be a supporter of DIY. Start slow if necessary. You are an anitdode to slippers and couch. Stop letting arthritis stop you . You should know that working on your lawnmower is old-man/woman YOGA and will relieve your pain!


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