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Thread: wiring diagram

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    wiring diagram

    Hi All,
    I just purchased a used 3461 powerfold for my 721D. Would anyone have the wiring diagram for the universal wiring harness that runs from the auxillary in the fuse box to the plug on the tractor side? I have not had any luck acquiring that yet.
    Thanks Much!


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    Re: wiring diagram

    Hi Mowmaster,

    You didn't mention what year the mower or the deck was but I am including a link to The Mower Shop, and a link to the wiring diagram for a 1991 mower The Mower Shop, Inc. - Home Page in case that helps. If its a different year you can change it and see the one for whatever year you are looking for....I was also wondering where you found the used mowing Powerfold mower deck, and if you don't mind my asking, was it expensive? I have been looking for one as well and have had no luck finding any used ones so I don't know what they are selling for...


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