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    Re: My first year in the lawncare business.

    Quote Originally Posted by jekjr View Post
    I have a business in lower Alabama. We cut properties from 14 to 15 acres down to a few square feet. Normally work 40 to 50 hours a week many weeks. Have Three Tiger Cat Scags and numerous pieces of hand held equipment.

    When I bid a job I normally bid at about $50 for the first acre and then $40 per acre after that. This will give over $50 per hour for a machine. We normally try to bid about $30 per man hour for other hand held equipment like hedge trimmers, Weedeaters, chainsaws......... We run a ZG222 Kubota with a blower on it and pulling a trailer to get up leaves. We shoot for $65 per hour for it.

    Do excellent quality work and keep equipment that you can do the job fast enough that you can be cheap.

    The best advertising that I have ever used is Facebook. There are many buy sell and trade pages on Facebook. What you do is join those pages and advertise on them.

    Also create as large of friends list as you can on your Facebook page as well.

    I normally work myself and two men and we have all he work we can do. Literally.

    Hope that helps.
    Thanks for the tips on the advertising. My brother is starting a kitchen remodeling company and was asking me about advertising. I never really do it myself so stuff like that should be helpful.


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