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    Hustler FasTrak SuperDuty 48 won't crank or start... wiring issue?

    I recently purchased a non-running Hustler FasTrak 48 mower with a Kawasaki fx730v engine. I'm trying to get the mower to start, and need some assistance. I'm pretty experienced at working on motorcycles and cars so I have a pretty good basic understanding of the fundamentals.

    I have the owners manual and following the instructions for start procedure in manual, the mower will not crank. When I turn the key, I hear a faint click from the motor compartment. I do not know if this click comes from the starter solenoid on the side of the starter... from what I've read, the click may be the fuel solenoid. Testing with a multimeter, I get 12.9 v at battery, and the same voltage at the positive terminal of the solenoid attached to the starter. When I apply battery voltage directly to the other "starter" terminal of that solenoid, I hear a whirring noise that I believe is the starter spinning but not popping out or engaging... it does not turn the motor over.

    Now in examining the mower, I have found a second (disconnected) solenoid on the right side of the mower near the battery compartment. This solenoid looks like a starter solenoid, and it's what I find in google when searching for a starter solenoid for my model of mower. I will attach to this post a photo diagram illustrating location of other solenoid, and google picture of what the solenoid looks at. Now this second solenoid appears to not be connected. It has 1 skinny "trigger" wire going to it from the mower's harness, however nothing is attached to it on the 2 large lugs (where typically you'd have 1 fat wire going to battery and another fat wire going to starter). I can't find a wiring diagram that will explain this second solenoid to me or what it's purpose is.

    Anyone have any ideas or input as to what my starting problem may be, and wether or not it is related to this unhooked solenoid I've found? Thanks in advance for any input, much appreciated.



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    Re: Hustler FasTrak SuperDuty 48 won't crank or start... wiring issue?

    Man, I sure hope someone chimes in with so good advice on helping solve the starting problem on your Hustler mower. Have you thought about either contacting Hustler manufacturing directly and talking to one of their engineers or even calling one of the local authorized dealerships in your area and speak to one of their mechanics about it?

    I'm just as curious to find out on how to get your mower back up and running.

    Good Luck!

    EDIT: Just checked and my Hustler Raptor has this exact solenoid (didn't see a second one?).
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    Re: Hustler FasTrak SuperDuty 48 won't crank or start... wiring issue?


    Have you gone directly to the starter motor to see if the starter motor turns freely and at speed? I'd do that to make sure the starter is not the problem. You might want to remove the starter, lay it on the bench and place the ground from a jumper cable attached to ground on the battery and the hot on the battery, then hold the hot on the other end of the cable to the starter motor cable stud. If the starter motor is good, it should wind up very rapidly so hold on tight to the starter motor.

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    Re: Hustler FasTrak SuperDuty 48 won't crank or start... wiring issue?

    OK just to set my mind strait, you have a mower with a starter on it that looks like a car starter with a piggyback solenoid on it and a remote solenoid on the body which has no wires connected to it.

    If this is the case then the mower was wired for a different engine and congratulations you got a bonus solenoid.

    Now the solenoid on the starter should have a thin control wire connected to it .
    This wire should go + 12 V when the ignition switch is in the start position, exactly the same as with a remote starter.

    If you have a car type starter then the solenoid should cause the drive pinion to engage the stater with the flywheel.
    If this is not working, the starter will spin but not rotate the engine.

    Try jumping 12V to the control terminal.
    If the starter does not rotate the engine, your starter is duff.

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