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    Re: Jacking mower from rear to store for winter

    Been cutting grass professionally for 28 years and never jacked up a mower,are you worried about flat spots on the tires??If so just roll the mower 1ft in either direction once a month.
    When I store my mowers I will treat whatever fuel there is in tank with Lucas Ethanol stabilizer,then Ill pinch off the vacuum or fuel line and run the bowl dry,then slap a tender on the battery.
    Usually make sure the oil is on the clean side but not even that.

    For my trimmers and blowers i just treated half of them with Lucas and ran it into the bowl,the other two got ran dry..this is the first time Im leaving fuel in a couple of my two strokes,Id like to see if that Lucas really works well on those type engines.

    Here in jersey we usually finish up doing out last leaf blow in December,so about 4 months off 8 on.

    I never go by any manufacturer recommendations for anything after warranty is up,,heck even before its up :)

    577 and Iím out....


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    Re: Jacking mower from rear to store for winter

    The reason we store our pulling tractor tires outside in a harsh environment is to make the rubber harder so they don't flex as much when pulling. This is also the reason we always buy used tires. The only reason I can think of to jack the tires off the ground on a lawn mower to keep the rubber soft and flexible so the tires last longer over many years of use. The mower will wear out before the tires????

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    Re: Jacking mower from rear to store for winter

    Tire Dressings such as Armor-All will make tire rubber harder as well. Draws out the oils. But not water-based tire dressings.

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    Back in my race car days. I'd store my dirt track car on Jack stands under the frame. To allow the suspension to drop. With the racing shocks and the coil springs made them stay stiffer longer.

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    Re: Jacking mower from rear to store for winter

    Quote Originally Posted by kraky View Post
    Seems like a ton of overkill to me. If the dang mower sits on its wheels 9 months out of the year why can't it another 3? I've never blocked a mower up in my life and never had a problem. I don't know ANYONE who does or has had a problem.
    I have never blocked a mower up over the winter. Don't really see the gain.
    I bought a 1978 Wheel Horse garden tractor used back in 1986. Still have it, never been blocked up for decades with no issues.
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