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    Grass cutting question for the pros.

    What approach do you guys use when grass is outgrowing your mowing schedule? This time of year, with all the rains and the fertilizers being put down in the Southeast, I start having an issue with my mower leaving clumps behind. My mower is a 54" Fas Trac SD with a 26 hp Kawasaki, and I have a mulching kit on it. My first job I told the guy I requested a "per cut" rate as opposed to a "per week". I guess that is the standard? Anyway, I start out in the Spring at a 7 day interval. No issue. But as the grass grows faster my settup just doesn't seem to cut without leaving some clumps. It's basically not mulching it fast enough. What do you guys do? Tell the customer that we are looking at a 1.5 to 2 time per week in the growing season? Do you slow down your mower travel speed to give it time to mulch? Do you raise the cut, cut it and then lower it back to original setting and cut again? Right now I'm mowing my yards at 3.5" and most if not all are Tall Fescue grass. I'm trying like heck to keep my mulch blades sharp and my deck clean before I start cutting. Should I scrap the mulch idea and just go to a straight side discharge? A 26 hp Kaw on a 54" SHOULD be manly enough to do what I'm doing shouldn't it? I plan on moving my cut up to 4" by Summer so I guess that may help, or does it really help? It's still growing at a fast enough rate that I'm getting a lot of grass to cut each time. I also know that the rule of thumb is that you should not remove more than 1/3 of it's height each cut. Do you guys follow that? If so, it looks like to me the only alternative is go on an every 4-5 day cut as opposed to a standard once a week cut. How do you guys do it. Any other tips would be appreciated.


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    Re: Grass cutting question for the pros.

    Did you ever figure it out? I would say just do a double cut, the same height as the first cut and see if it mulches the clumps

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