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    Lawn Boy weed eaters

    Were they as good as the mowers? Would like to find one to add to the collection but don't see much out there about them.

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    Re: Lawn Boy weed eaters

    I didn't even KNOW LB made a weedwhacker!

    BTW, welcome, and I like your avatar.......LB's looked so strange with a bagger....

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    Re: Lawn Boy weed eaters

    We sold these at the dealership I used to work at. They used the same 31cc engine IDC, ryobi,and later MTD used. They were really a very cheaply made engine , they were heavy and vibrated a lot, your hands would go numb after using one for awhile. They weren't anywhere near Stihl or Echo for quality but LB sold a bunch of them.
    You can still find variations of the same engine on some Yard man or Troybilt trimmers.

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